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In a world where time is of the essence, the concept of one-stop shop has caught on. There are tools that help you either curate news or predict & analyze content against some contributing metrics, even fewer maintain your social media channels. Using different tools for each chore creates a hassle that divides your attention. Which is why you need a single platform for all your media marketing activities. Let us present you with the best NewsWhip alternative which provides much more than just content prediction.

ContentStudio is a Content Discovery, Media Monitoring, and Content Management platform which incorporates all the social media management activities. Whereas, NewsWhip’s prediction model is geared more towards discovering content only. We have compiled a detailed comparison between these two tools to draw an explicit picture for you.


Content Marketing

Content Curation
Discovery News (Based on Keyword, Topics, and Trends)
Viral Content Prediction
Content Search Basic Advanced
Query Builder
Curated Quotes
RSS Feeds


Insights Simple Detailed
Trending Score
Sentiment Analysis
Popular Hashtags
Content Engagement w.r.t. Popular days
Trending Graphs
Popular Reading level

Team Management

Brand Management
Team Segregation w.r.t brands

Social Media

Social Media Management
Content Scheduling
Campaign Management
Blog Management
Social Media/ Blog Post Composer
Content Planner/ Calendar
Automated Campaigns
UTM Tracking
Team Workflow
Real-Time Alerts Slack, Email Slack, Email

Audience Targeting

Targeting USA only Worldwide
Adding Call to Actions
Adding Hashtags


Feedly (For Content Archiving)
Pocket (For Content Archiving)
Content Spinners
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Content Discovery

The key to implementing a solid content marketing strategy is digging out trending topic relevant content which resonates with your audience. With highly sophisticated and robust algorithms in the backend, the discovery module does exactly that. It relentlessly explores the Web, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter; filtering out content that best matches your search terms.

Discover the latest content

Discover the top shared content in the last 12 hours till the last 7 days. Know what type of content in trending over time.

Categorize by social engagement

Categorize your daily feed w.r.t trending news, most shared articles, Facebook shares, and Pinterest shares to get a sense of top stories evolving over different social networks.

Location based content

Want to stay updated with trending content specific to your area? Apply the regional filter and segregate news w.r.t to your country.

Social channels

Use this filter to discover content which is trending on say Web, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Dailymotion.


With ContentStudio you can discover content based on language. Supporting about 30 languages, select yours and search content in your native language.

Discover by title or Body Content

ContentStudio allows you to discover content by searching for keywords and phrases either or both in the title and body content of the articles.

Curate Top Engagement Content

Content curation is one of the cornerstones of a successful content strategy. How you manipulate the discovered content and present it to your readers will be a defining moment in content marketing

Search and Discover

ContentStudio cherry-picks appropriate content for you and garnishes it with your personal touch to bring out the best results. Possessing the right content amounts for half of the content marketing process. The other half is divided between planner and publication.

Plan and Schedule

The success of your content strategy is balanced between planning and execution ContentStudio will redefine the way you look at content planners and calendars. Our elegant Planner module gives you a bird's-eye view of your year around content strategy, all on a single screen.

Intelligent Query Builder for Building Custom Topic Feed

Searching for new content and creating custom topics is easier than ever before. We have reconditioned the query builder so that it returns the best results.

Applying science, technology, and art to come up with a flawless scheme, we have managed to ensure that all possible search combinations are catered for you. There are 2 main methods via which you can create your custom topic feed. The first one lets you search for particular topics and keywords fine-tuning your search results in the process.

The second one enables you to select domains first as sources for content. The great thing about our query builder is that you get a live search preview so you can confirm the accuracy of the topic builder.


If you run a media agency or are a social media marketing manager, you can filter your posts by selecting each account separately. This allows a clearer view of each account.

Account Type

If you run a media agency or are a social media marketing manager, you can filter your posts by selecting each account separately. This allows a clearer view of each account.

Viewing Pane

You have the option to view your planned content in the form of a list as well as in the calendar form. Switch between month, week or day view to get the holistic view of your planner.

Content Type

The nature of your posts could be anything from evergreen, RSS, bulk or queued. You can filter posts based on their nature.

Team Members

If you head a team of social managers, you can view which member of your team has scheduled what posts by simply selecting their name.


Labels can be assigned to posts depending upon their genre e.g. music, sports, education, etc. You can filter them out in the planner to determine if a specific genre is being targeted in a particular week’s content.

Publishing Status

Filtering your content by status allows you to view how many posts have been successfully published, which ones failed and which ones are still to be published.

Your Social Media Publishing on Auto-Pilot

Whether you are an individual, small business or an enterprise, ContentStudio is designed to make your life easy. With our innovative automation recipe, you can finally go to bed early.

The final piece of the content curation puzzle is distributing your content to the fullest extent. Using the elaborate automation module, you can create highly customized campaigns by setting up a variety of filters and rules according to your needs.

Informed Decision with Social Media Analytics

To be a wholesome content marketer you must know how each publication is performing. This supplies you with in-depth statistics of the topics you have created.

ContentStudio insights consist of refined data ranging from the volume, engagement, sentiments, etc. that you can use to evaluate the web standing of your categories. It is a combination of system and software which translates data into actionable insights for tweaking your content strategy.

Key statistics Overview

Topic Analytics provide you with the overall engagement statistics of the whole curated topic. After selecting the time period as per your desire, you can now view data being generated against the following fields

  • Articles Analyzed, the Total number of articles found while crawling the Web, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter for the specific curated topic.
  • Total Engagement, this figure is the combined number of engagement for all the articles found for a particular topic put together. This gives you an overall sense of how popular a topic is.
  • Average Engagement, it is the average number of shares for each article on the topic. Average Engagement is the is the number of shares of any article per topic.

Publications over Time VS Engagement

Inspect the total number of articles published over a specific period of time. Scan and visualize how the popularity of your topics have progressed with time.

Sentiment Mining

Sentiment analysis through its advanced algorithms predicts the tone of an article whether it is positive, negative or neutral. This information is accumulated for all the articles for a topic and displayed in a colorful graph against time.

The sentiment category of an individual article would remain the same. However, the number of articles being published under an individual topic might make the graph go up and down. This has the power to alter the mood of your readers with the content you share. If you are short on time, just read the abstract, view sentiment analysis and hit share.

Reading Levels

Writing styles and vocabulary vary from writer to writer. We have used highly developed programs to segregate each article depending upon their reading levels.

Knowing your audience, you could choose articles based upon its reading level so they might easily digest the content.

The categories range from Fairly difficult, difficult up to easy and very easy.

Top-Performing Domains

These are the domains that have produced the most content. The data is elegantly displayed in a pie chart. Each domain making the cut gets a piece of the pie.

These are the domains that have produced the most content. The data is elegantly displayed in a pie chart. Each domain making the cut gets a piece of the pie.

Best Author

The last section of insights is the “top author”. These tables show which authors are producing the most content. Again this data is shown in a tabular form, with total articles, total engagements, and average engagements.

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